The Home Library Service

  • Posted On: 31 January 2019
The Home Library Service

Want to know more about our Home Library Service? Well you’re in the right place!


CRACCL is working alongside North Yorkshire County Council to ensure that our library resources are enjoyed by as much of the community as possible. !

We can deliver books, audiobooks, DVDs and information to the homes of people who find it difficult to get to their local library. !

Teams of volunteers deliver the books once a fortnight. You can also arrange for your own volunteer to collect your books from the library, or we can choose books to suit your tastes and keep them ready for collection. !

You may be eligible for the free home delivery service if you cannot visit the library or carry books because of ill health or disability, or if you are a carer. We deliver to people who live in residential and nursing homes, too. !

Maybe the thought of leaving the house and venturing into a new environment is currently a step too far for you due to your mental health or commitments at home leave you unable to pop out and pick up some books whenever you like. If that’s the case, then we can definitely help. !

So how does it work?

Once you have expressed an interest, a volunteer will visit you to help you become a library member if you aren’t already, then work with you to compile a reader profile. This includes drawing up a list of preferred genres, authors and subjects to aid us to select books we think you’ll enjoy. You can request specific titles from your volunteer and we also consider your preferences for ordinary print, large print or audiobooks. From here, our team of volunteers will deliver books, audiobooks, CD’s and DVD’s to your home every other Thursday morning and you can keep them for as long as you need without any fines or overdue charges. !

How can you join?

You can join in a number of ways. You can contact the North Yorkshire County Council Library Service at or call 01609 533800 or alternatively contact your local library! 

We’d like to welcome you onto the scheme so drop us an email or give us a call to find out more and get signed up! There’s no better wat to while away these dark winter nights than with a book so let us help you step into the world of reading! !

We need you!

We are always looking to expand our volunteer team to ensure all library services run smoothly. We’d love to welcome you to our team, it’s a great way to meet new people and help out others in your community. Find out more about joining us here!

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